Publishing content for your site

Date Published: 21st January 2010
Author: kronikmedia

If you are in interested in web design and internet marketing, then you are probably aware of the importance of content on your website. Internet marketing has changed with time. While link building and other techniques used to be popular, today it is the content on your website that is primarily responsible for its rank on search engines.

The popularity of internet has meant has put significant pressure on the effort required for achieving a top rank on search results. It has become vital to focus on a strategy to publish content frequently on a website or blog.

Although it is difficult to publish quality content every day, it is important if you are serious about making money on the internet. I have been publishing content for websites and blogs for many years now. In this time, my approach to creating new content has changed significantly. While before it took me almost one week to write new articles, today I can publish more than one article a day. With experience of publishing new content frequently, I have formulated a new approach to publish new content. It allows me to publish content frequently with ease. As a result of this I have seen massive rise in website traffic.
Needless to say the earnings on my website and blog have increased manifold.

Tips to publish content frequently:

1. Start by listing down titles for your content

I do this as a standard word or excel document where I basically maintain a simple list of titles on which I would like to publish about. This is a good starting point. Whenever I come across a topic I want to publish content about, I and also allows me to keep track of work at hand. Whenever I come across an interesting topic which I think my readers will find useful, I list them down.

2. Don’t hesitate to refine your list

Based on what you find when researching your topics, you may find that some topics are not very easy to cover. If a topic is difficult to write about, you should not hesitate to replace the topic with something that is easier to research and write about. Sometimes the topic may remain the same however you may wish to cover it from a different angle. In
either case, your list of article topics is not definite and should be changed if ongoing research requires.

3. Expand you content in steps

Whenever you find some spare time, you should visit your list and expand the content. The content I publish is seldom written in a single step. I often expand my list by including notes or bullet points of information first. I can do this for multiple articles simultaneously. This also helps me by allowing me to write content for multiple articles as the same time.

4. Write multiple article simultaneously

As I have mentioned above, I often write multiple articles at the same time. If you maintain an active list of articles to write, then this is easily possible. It is much easier to manage a list if you are expanding content on an ad-hoc basis. It may appear initially that doing this will take longer to publish an article. In practice however I have found this approach to work better that writing one article at a time. I spend a lot of time on the internet and read many blogs and forums every day. Whenever I come across information that is relevant to one of the content topics in my list, I make it a point to note it down. This way content for my articles is able to expand even when I am not explicitly working on my articles.

5. You don’t have to write an article in the same day.

My content publishing strategy involves publishing new content on a daily basis. This however does not imply that an article has to be completed the same day. Actively covering multiple articles at the same time also offers the flexibility to spend more than a day on certain articles without reducing the frequency at which you publish content.

6. Use bullet points

Bullet points are effective while taking notes during research as well as in completed articles. I often start my research by writing short bullet points of viewpoints I intend to cover in an article. This saves me time and allows me complete my research faster. I can do this for multiple articles simultaneously. I then go back to my draft and expand the points as required.

7. Always review your content before you publish

The importance of revising your content may seem obvious but I have listed it down to reinforce its importance. At the end of the day, quality of the content you publish is more important than the quantity. I always revisit all new content I create in order to review and find ways to improve its flow. You don’t have to spend hours on it. A quick glance with a fresh mind is enough to improve its quality.

8. Automate your submission

Last but not the least; you should spend more time to write articles than get caught up in the publishing process. Publishing content on your website or blog is easy. However in order to maximize the benefits, you should also publish your articles on various article directories and content websites. There are many article submission software that can do this for you. Some even do automated submissions. I personally prefer a semi automated approach. I use Article Submitter Platinum which offers manual, semi-automated as well as fully automated submissions. Using this tool allows me to focus entirely on writing new content as opposed to spending time on submissions.