Starting A Business Without A Website? Madness…

A Business Without A Website? Madness…

In today’s business world it astounds me how many new businesses start up without a website in place. The benefits are endless and on the whole a well maintained website can only have a positive effect on a new or established business.

So what are these benefits?

Your customers have an open door to your business twenty-four hours a day. They can access up-to-date information on products and services that you offer and how to obtain them. Online sales are growing every year, a trend which is unlikely to change, so why not use your website to its full potential and gain some extra sales?

Though the internet is global and you can reach a worldwide market, it is important to remember, especially for smaller businesses, that local business could be a large percentage of your income. The internet is still used by people on your door step looking for local services/products. Having your website appear in local directories can only be beneficial to your business.

How much should I spend on advertising?

Advertising your website needn’t be expensive. By simply adding your web address to your stationery and emails, traffic will start to flow to your site. Vehicle decoration is also another good way for you to advertise.

Which is easier to remember – a telephone number or a web address? I pass the same vans on my way to work most days. I see the company name, telephone number, etc but I can never remember each phone number. On the other hand, I can remember the web address for most companies. Get the point?!!

In my opinion starting a new business venture without a website is like entering a running race with your laces tied together! Untie those laces and make your business a success.

Still think you don’t need a website?


Article Source: Written by Sid Dixon