The Importance of Designer/Client Discussions

Talking To Your Web Design Team – What To Say & What Not To Say?

Date Published: 25th January 2010

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Creation of a website is not just the duty of the web designer. In fact, website that are only created by a designer seldom taste success on the world wide web. A successful website is one that is a joint-effort of both the client and the service provider i.e. wherein bot the client and the design team, sit together, have a brainstorming session and come to mutual conclusions to decide the course of the website design project. Clients need to educate the design team about their business, its prime goals and objectives whereas designers need to listen closely and formulate web solutions that provide credible results.

Communication is a key ingredient of any web design

Here are some things that as a client, you need to discuss with your design team:

Extensive Company Insight

If you are working with a professional web design team, chances are that they would have already done their home-work and done some quality research about your business, niche industry and key competitors. When you go and meet them for the first time, make sure you take their knowledge about your business to another level. Discuss with them about key functionalities that will work right on the website, what kind of design will reflect work best, what kind of design best reflects your brand image and so on. In addition, also ask the service providers about their core competencies and how exactly are they going to approach your project. Try to
gain a rough idea about the entire process right from the concept to the execution stage.

Agreement Specifications

The agreement marks the foundation of the client-vendor relationship. So make sure you invest quality time and effort on this one. The specifications detailed in the agreement should represent the entire scope of the project. Study the agreement carefully and mark elements that are not included. Don’t just assume things. Instead make sure you ask your design team about any point that you aren’t sure about. On the whole, it is important that you discuss and understand all the points mentioned in the agreement before the development works begins.

Development Phase

The development phase is critically important in the course of the project. Therefore, make sure you follow-up thoroughly in order to keep track of the progress. Avoid haphazard communication lest your design team feels interrupted. Rather mark a fixed time to discuss the project progress. This will not only provide you with a timely update but also your design team will be prepared to answer any concerns and discuss it out with you.

Website Launch

One of the most common mistake businesses make is that they think their job is done once the website is launched formally. However, its nothing close to the truth. Rather, post-launch phase is when you would need to communicate more with your design team. There can be glitches that need to be fixed, updates and so on. However, don’t assume that the design team will help you manage the website indefinitely, unless of course you have signed them for website maintenance as well. Generally web design teams offer you some post-launch development help but don’t mistake it for lifetime web maintenance. Therefore, make sure you discuss these terms with team well during the agreement stage itself.