5 Reasons Your small business needs a website

As I write this post I have a slight toothache. I decided to change dentist a few months back and I keep finding other things to do instead of searching out a new dentist. Now that the pain is creeping in I have to find a new dentist. The way people find a new dentist, doctor, eye doctor or any business for that matter has changed over the past 15 years.

As a thirty something I will begin my search on the web.  I will not pull the Yellow Book out of the junk drawer in the house. (Everyone has a junk drawer and at the bottom, anchoring the drawer is an old Yellow Pages.) I will not drive around looking for a dentist. I will not go to the yellow book website and search on their site. What I will do is type in my browser (Chrome)  “dentist + my location” and start the search.

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Communication & Website Design

When asked about working with clients to create websites, I always stress the importance of good communication between the client and the designer. Whether the website is complicated or simple it is still important to have a good flow of communication.  That being said,  every client communicates differently. Some communicate too much, some not enough, and others not at all. As a designer you have to be able to adapt to these different types of clients. One way I do this is to adhere to a process that I am comfortable and that has worked for me in the past.

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