Google’s changing the way it ranks your site

This is a great article and video about how Google is changing the way it ranks websites now. By using a new algorithm, called the Panda updates, Google is changing the way it will view your website. I highly recommend checking this article out.

Here is a brief paragraph from the article:

“Panda, also known as Farmer, was this update that Google came out with in March of this year, of 2011, that rejiggered a bunch of search results and pushed a lot of websites down in the rankings, pushed some websites up in the rankings, and people have been concerned about it ever since. It has actually had several updates and new versions of that implementation and algorithm come out. A lot of people have all these questions like, “Ah, what’s going on around Panda?” There have been some great blog posts on SEOmoz talking about some of the technical aspects. But I want to discuss in this Whiteboard Friday some of the philosophical and theoretical aspects and how Google Panda really changes the way a lot of us need to approach SEO.”