Tech Tips: Getting email on an ipad, or iphone

Tech Tips: Getting email on an ipad, or iphone

Ok, so you got yourself a fancy new ipad or iphone. You have to justify a reason for having it so being able to check your email is as good as reason as any.

Now, on an ipad it will easily walk you through setting up email through Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, but if you have an email address not associated with one of those providers you are on your own. Most likely you have an email associated with a domain name. Something like Here is a quick tutorial on how to get up and running with your email on your ipad

(You will want to have your username, password, server information handy before starting. If you are unsure about what this information is you should ask your web designer or hosting provider.)

  1. The first thing you will want to do is turn on the ipad or iphone. (Obviously :))
  2. Next go to “Settings” Under Setting select “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”
  3. Select “Add account”
  4. Select “Other”
  5. Select “Add Mail account”
  6. Now, begin entering your information in the correct areas. Username, email address, password, etc.

**At this point you will have to choose either IMAP or POP as the method for accessing email.

Below is a brief paragraph to help you make your choice:
There are two ways your devices and clients can communicate with Gmail:
1. A one-way communication path (POP). Your device asks us for data and pulls it from our servers — but that’s it. Things you do on your device have no effect on the server. If you read a message on your phone, then log in to Gmail, you will see that same message marked as unread. It may start to feel like Groundhog Day.
2. A two-way communication path (IMAP). Unlike with POP, your devices talk back to our servers and sync your changes automatically with IMAP. When you sign in to your Gmail account in a web browser, actions you’ve taken on your email client or mobile device (like putting a message in a ‘work’ folder) will also appear in Gmail (your message will already have a ‘work’ label on it). This all happens automatically once you set up IMAP, so you don’t have to read or sort all your mail twice. This is really helpful when accessing Gmail from multiple devices.(

  1. Select “Next” and then press the “Save” button
  2. You should now be able to select the ipad’s mail icon (little envelope) and start getting your mail on your ipad.
  3. Go ahead, send yourself the “test” email your dying to send and enjoy the freedom of checking your email away from your PC