Creating Your Sales Funnel for your New Website

How To Document Your Sales Process In Preparation For Your New Website

An important step in preparing for your new website is to document your sales process. Since your business website will serve as a 24/7/365 sales representative on your behalf, this website should bring customers through a similar experience as what would happen with you in person.

Since each business is unique, there are many types of sales processes and as many ways to document them. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Know Thyself

It is well known that there are different learning styles amongst the human population. What is yours? If you’re a visual learner, making a flow chart might be helpful. If you’re an audible learner, talking out loud to yourself as you work through the sales process might be helpful. If you’re a social learner, you might best grab a friend and discuss this over afternoon tea.

Think Like a Customer

To best document your sales process, try to run through it as if you were a customer. This will yield valuable perspective for items to include on your new website. Did you find any points that might be confusing or cause a customer to leave?

Those points will need special care on your website to ensure customer engagement.


You may already have several existing modes of customer communication. Interactions via email, phone, in-person visits, and advertisements each come with some peculiarities. Instead of getting caught up on the differences of each, try to categorize the main sales points which are similar.

Whichever way you choose to document your sales process, this is an important component of a well-designed website. Give your site designer a copy of your newly documented sales process so he/she can recreate a similar experience for online visitors to your site. You’ll always be given the opportunity to review the designer’s visual choices before the site goes live, but giving them something to work with will greatly improve the match.

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