How To Prioritize Changes For Your Website Redesign

Are you thinking about redesigning your website?

If you want your website to stay fresh and relevant you should periodically review and update your website.

This important component of your business’s identity is perhaps one of the most valuable considerations in today’s online society.
In the early days of the Internet, simply having a website was a major advantage. Now, everyone has a website and yours needs to be articulate and powerful.

When you’re ready to make changes to your website, you’ll likely need to prioritize each element. Due to budget or time restraints, not all changes may be made quickly.

Here are three points to help prioritize your list of changes for your website redesign.

1. Clean-up

As the years go by, many website owners haphazardly add more content, features, graphics, and menu bar items to their site. Take a good look at your site. What can you take away? Are there outdated menu items? Tired icons, photos, or graphics? Compare your site to a competitor’s. Consider ways to more efficiently display information to allow users to rapidly find what they’re looking for.

2. Call to Action

Example call to action

Example call to action

One of the simplest things you can do to encourage users to engage your content is to tell them what to do. This is called a “Call to Action” key phrase. Simple sentences like “Read more,” “Buy now,” and “Click here” have been proven to drive people to complete the action. This typically results in a purchase or continued browsing. Find ways to include these calls throughout your site.

3. Catchy Images

Out-of-date images are probably one of the first things visitors will notice about your site. Images can be quickly replaced with just a few clicks and will give your site an immediate overhaul with little work.

Think of this list as the three “C”s. Clean-up, Call to Action, and Catchy Images — these three elements will greatly improve the usability and user engagement of your site. This, in turn, will also promote more sales of your products and services.

On a personal note, once a year I go through my website from a client’s perspective. It helps me to eliminate information, update outdated images and to make sure my call to actions are clear.

If you are interested in getting a professional  review of  your website please contact me today. 

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