8 Tips that will make working with a Website Designer a Breeze

How To Prepare To Work With A Website Designer

When working with a website designer, to design your legal firms website, requires thorough communication between both parties to achieve desired results.

Experienced web designers are familiar with what works in building a quality website that will increase revenue. Discussing details of your vision and goals with your designer, will give them a solid foundation to start developing your unique website.

If you are working with an experienced website designer, they will have you fill out a website planner form to really dig into what your website design goals are.


Below are items that should be considered before the designing process begins:


Domain Name

Your domain name should be easy to remember and not too long.

You also need to make sure that the name is not already being used. Think of several names that appeal to you and get the opinion of your designer as to which would work the best for you.

Be sure that your domain name is relevant to your business. If you are an attorney, include the words “law”, “lawyer” or “attorney” to immediately define your website.

An easy way to see if a domain name is available is to visit GoDaddy



Determine your audience and the type of content you want to focus on.

Did you want a basic site that only features the contact information of your law firm and the attorneys that work there? Do you want a more elaborate site that has FAQs, statistics or articles?

Legal firms that have many quality pages on their site about practices areas, tend to have the most success when trying to rank for local SEO keywords.


What Pages Should I Include?

Your site may have pages dedicated to particular topics. Consider the different areas you would like to feature and create pages for each one.

For example, an “About Us” page that describes your services and mission statement. You could also create a page for each attorney in the firm, which lists their credentials and important information.

Some attorney websites include a blog page that features articles that focus on the type of law that is practiced in that firm.


Color Scheme and Style

Determine the color scheme and style that you prefer for your site. Take a look at your logo and be sure that they coordinate well.

Do you want your site to look modern, flat, etc.? You can discuss details with your designer as to what you have in mind and ask for their input.

An experienced web designer should be able to guide you in the right direction to get the appropriate look you desire.



Be sure that you know the price range that is affordable for your budget before consulting with a designer.

Many web designers have different packages or price points that you can choose from. By determining your needs ahead of time, the designer will be able to give a more accurate quote for their services.


Know The Correct Terms

Attorneys need to be familiar with website jargon when communicating with their designer. This will make the process run smooth, without confusion or misunderstandings on either part.

For more details on that topic, be sure to read: 11 Website Terms Every Attorney Should Know.


Decision Makers

Determine who is in charge of making the decisions on the website. If your law firm is comprised of more than one attorney, consider the input of others in the office. It’s always great to get advice from others in the office, but there needs to be one person who has the last word when it comes to the design of the website.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who will be in charge of making future changes to the website?
  • Will the web designer have access to the site after it is built?
  • Will another member of the staff be responsible for updating the website?



It is always a good idea to have all your ducks in a row before hiring a web designer. Make sure you take the above points into consideration and have some type of idea about the look and feel you want to portray.

Lastly, do your research to find the perfect designer for your firm. Professionalism and references are a must. By being well informed and prepared, you will be able to collaborate with the designer of your choice to create a website that will increase exposure and build a strong client base as well.

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