Use Case Studies to answer questions on your website

How To Use Case Studies To Answer Client Questions

Case studies can give us a deeper insight and validity to the strength of a law firm and their capability to win cases. Proven statistics will demonstrate the success rate of attorney lawsuits and client satisfaction.

Case studies are a way in which your visitor can connect with you on a more personal level, and it allows them to see how you have helped others in their situation.

Presenting evidence of the attorney’s hands on victories will build confidence in their character and work ethic. Clients will be persuaded by the findings and the firm will continue to grow.


Determine Client Base

To successfully build your brand, you need to determine the primary client base for your law firm.

Once you have established who your ideal client is, you want to prove your expertise with case studies in those specific areas or industries.


State The Facts

The Houston Chronicle reports that using case studies of successful defense cases and testimonies of past clients will build a sense of leadership in that particular specialty of practice.

Be sure to include studies ranging from high dollar cases to smaller, low key cases. Cover potential clients across the board in all economic levels to gain as much exposure as possible.

In each study, you will also want to include a description of the client, the situation at hand and the challenges they are facing, along with the resolution to the problem and how your law firm solved it.

This information will give a sense of security to readers and they will be more likely to follow through with contacting the attorney. Websites who do not list case studies will miss the opportunity to make the connection with a possible client.


Benefits To Client

The internet makes it possible for the general public to do their own research on just about any product or service under the sun. Searching for a law firm is no different.

Stand out from the rest of the law firm sites and present an inside look at the success rate and efficiency of your business.

Potential clients want to know what the usual outcomes are for the cases that you and your attorneys represent. They want to know if the resolution to the cases are personally satisfactory and if they would be pleased with a similar outcome.

Having a collection of various case studies on the attorney website will show a combination of versatility and continuity at the same time.



By using case studies, you will gain the interest of potential clients who will want to connect with the attorney personally. Let the studies show how your law firm can help them as it has helped past clients in similar situations.

Prove your value by stating statistics of successful cases and how you can assist them in avoiding large settlements and expensive courtroom trials. Let your firm’s performance history speak for itself.

With the expensive costs of advertising, using other methods such as case studies to prove the value of your law firm is a must. It is just another example of experience and success that will show the worth of your services.

Besides using case studies, there are other methods of gaining new clients through your website. Be sure to read the following articles for more information: When Should You Have Someone Else Manage Your Website? and How To Choose Your Target Audience For Facebook Ads.

It is also necessary to work with an experienced professional marketing team to ensure sufficient exposure and top notch service.







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