Mobile Website Design for Lawyers

The Benefits of a Mobile-Responsive Website

It Makes Sense For Law Firms To Have Mobile-Friendly Websites

A law firm’s website will not be fully beneficial, unless it incorporates responsive web design.

The ability to access website content through mobile phones, tablets and computers, will ultimately increase the number of potential clients for your law firm. Users need to be able to view the elements of the website easily and in an organized fashion, no matter what device they are using.

By incorporating responsive web design, visitors will find your website to be pleasant and user friendly.


Statistics On Mobile Use

Here are some recent statistics on mobile internet usage

Below are some additional interesting facts from the same source:

  • In 2014, smart phone use increased by 45 percent.
  • Mobile data traffic globally increased by 69 percent in 2014.
  • In 2014, 497 million mobile devices and connections were added.


Taking into consideration the statistics above, it is only obvious that your site must be mobile friendly to accommodate the vast amount of traffic it can potentially receive.


Having a Mobile Friendly Website will…

Increase your Google Rankings

As stated on their blog in April 21, 2015, Google began it’s mobile update.

If a search for a mobile friendly website has been linked to a mobile device, Google will now increase it’s rankings. On the other hand, if the website that was searched for is not mobile friendly, it will be penalized.

Of course there are other considerations when your site is ranked by Google, but increasing your ranking by becoming a responsive website will only help get you closer to the top of the search.

We all know the closer to the top the website is, the more traffic it will receive and hopefully more clients as well.

You can learn more about the percentage of traffic the top 3 websites usually get vs. the rest of the search results page.


“You’re Looking Good”…

You don’t want your website to turn away potential users…do you?

When a website is not mobile friendly and is viewed on a tablet or smart phone, it will often be difficult to navigate. Text will generally be too small for users to easily read and images may not load properly or may not appear in the right location.

Also, when sites are not responsive, the layout will often be compromised, giving a choppy and unprofessional look.

On the contrary, when a site is mobile friendly, the pages are ordered in an easy to read fashion, while keeping the original theme of the website. The different pages can be easily swiped on tablets and phones and images are re-sized to fit the screen of any device.


Increase Your Website Conversion Rates

When a visitor to a website has difficulty accessing the desired content and is not able to navigate the different elements of the site, they will generally become frustrated and look for another website to help them find what they are looking for.

If the information can be easily accessed, conversion rates are much higher. Users can contact you through the site or read about the services you offer. You have just gained a potential client while the next guy did not.

Don’t lose clients simply because your site is not responsive.



Obviously, the mobile market will continue to grow and it will be necessary for all websites to become fully responsive in the future.

Don’t give your potential clients a headache when they visit your site for answers or to contact your office. Let their first interaction with your firm be a smooth and positive experience.

If you want to increase your Google rankings and conversions, and ensure that your website is mobile friendly, consider hiring a professional design team to assist you. Alleviate the stress and time of trying to figure it all out on your own.

Leave it to the experts and let your law firm reap the benefits of a responsive website.


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