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Can Facebook Advertising Work for Your Legal Firm?

Can Facebook Advertising Boost Your Legal Firm’s Website Traffic?

To have a successful website, you must have constant traffic flow on a regular basis. One of the ways to increase your website traffic to your website is to attract new visitors through advertising. Facebook can be an excellent source of advertising to help you gain exposure for your legal firm. 

An article by TechCrunch states that small and medium businesses now account for thirty million active Facebook pages. Also mentioned, is that nineteen million of those business pages are active on mobile, which is a great strategy to expand your client base.

The statistics in this report reveal that mobile users have increased twenty-three percent year, after year, bringing the current total to 1.39 billion as of September 30, 2015.


Several tips to make the most from your Facebook Posts:



Facebook posts can easily be turned into ads to create momentum and gain an audience.

Try to avoid posting sales pitches. The best thing to post is information that your demographic can find useful.

The goal when creating a Facebook ad is to make your viewers click on it to take them to your website or landing page. One way to do this is to offer a “carrot” like a free e-book or extensive tutorial.

Keep in mind that videos will also catch the eye of viewers, increasing click-through rates.

In addition, posting content on a regular basis will help to keep your law firm in the forefront of the minds of your audience.



Your content should be engaging and create interest. Since images and video are the best way to draw attention to your ad, they are most likely to be shared.



If you want to direct your advertisements to a particular demographic, then targeting your Facebook ad is a must to get the best ROI.

Facebook claims to be ninety-eight percent accurate in targeting advertising campaigns.


Some of the targeting specifics you can focus on are:


This feature allows advertisers to target a radius from a particular location or exclude areas by zip code.


Personal Information

Age, gender, relationship status, job, and education can also be pinpointed to your desired audience.

Hobbies and interests can be determined by the words used in Facebook users posts, pages they have liked, apps they have connected with or posts that have been clicked on.


Include Links

Aside from informational text in your post, including a link back to your website or landing page is crucial for obtaining a dedicated visitor. Returning users are more likely to obtain your services at some point in the future.

Your various posts can include a link to a different part of your website whether it is a blog post or a particular page on your site. Only include one link per post, but mix it up a little and don’t always link to the same page.




By keeping the above tips in mind when posting your advertisements of Facebook, you should see a growth in your website visits and shares of your content.

It is a simple process that can have a positive effect on your visitor count and increase your Google ranking as well.

If you need guidance with Facebook marketing, be sure to contact a reliable expert who can help you.

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