Local Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

Successful Legal Firms Market Better than Their Competition

There is a fine line between successful attorneys and ones who are financially struggling.

The difference among the two is most likely the marketing strategies each one has adopted. This doesn’t necessarily reflect on the lawyer’s capability to be a proficient and effective attorney, but they may not be presenting themselves appropriately to the public to achieve the clientele they desire.


Let’s take a look at the several marketing methods, which will aid in growing your practice:



One of the most important aspects of marketing is to network with other professionals and get to know the community in which you practice law.

Consider offering your assistance with local issues or a family in need on a pro bono basis. By volunteering your services to help citizens in the area in which you practice, your name will become familiar, as well as your good nature in helping others.

Another benefit to networking is the ability to meet other attorneys that you may share a common interest with. They may have ideas and tips to share on what helped them build their own practice.

Here is an article on the importance of networking – http://www.bcgsearch.com/article/60663/Why-Networking-is-Essential-to-Your-Success-as-an-Attorney/


Small Scale Advertising

Advertising is the most helpful in gaining new clients if you start small and build slowly.

First of all, determine your budget and make sure you stay within that range. You then want to focus on advertising in places where your specific niche is desired.

Stick with the smaller publications to keep your costs down, as your client base grows, you will have more funds to put towards advertising on more costly platforms.

Even though you are focusing on local marketing, Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising can be used as a great local marketing tool.

I hear from many attorneys saying they’ve tried Google or Facebook but didn’t have any success. Unfortunately, people who don’t run ads on a consistent basis tend to make mistakes that will drain a budget and bring in very little results. In most cases, done correctly, Google ads and Facebook ads can help a law firm grow and bring in new leads.



Client Referrals

Most people know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, an excellent way to grow your client list and build a solid reputation.

Don’t be afraid to ask your past clients to refer your services to their friends and family. People don’t think of legal representation until they need it. When they do the often turn to family and friends for recommendations.

The benefit of this method, is there are no upfront costs, just a small decrease in your original profit. You will gain another client, which can refer you as well to other possible clients in their circle.

An article on Getting more Client Referrals – http://businessoflawblog.com/2015/02/law-firms-referrals/


Create A Website

One of the first things a person searching for legal advice does is go to Google and search for an attorney. If you don’t have a website that makes you look professional and trustworthy you are missing out on potential clients.

Obtaining and maintaining a website is crucial to growing your business.

Another benefit of an attorney website is the ability to hone in on a specific audience with the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When implemented properly, SEO can target a specific audience in your location who may be searching for an attorney.

Learn more about why having a website for your legal firm is so important



Putting in the extra effort to gain exposure to your law firm is a must if you want to be successful. Practicing law can be a cut throat occupation and lawyers need to do all they can to let their presence and expertise be known.

If it is difficult for you to develop your local marketing plan, then consider hiring a professional who can guide you in the proper direction. Doing so will alleviate the stress of trying to do it all on your own, so you can focus on practicing law.

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