The Importance of Designer/Client Discussions

Talking To Your Web Design Team – What To Say & What Not To Say?

Date Published: 25th January 2010

Author: kabirbedi   – Source (

Creation of a website is not just the duty of the web designer. In fact, website that are only created by a designer seldom taste success on the world wide web. A successful website is one that is a joint-effort of both the client and the service provider i.e. wherein bot the client and the design team, sit together, have a brainstorming session and come to mutual conclusions to decide the course of the website design project. Clients need to educate the design team about their business, its prime goals and objectives whereas designers need to listen closely and formulate web solutions that provide credible results.

Communication is a key ingredient of any web design
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Publishing content for your site

Date Published: 21st January 2010
Author: kronikmedia

If you are in interested in web design and internet marketing, then you are probably aware of the importance of content on your website. Internet marketing has changed with time. While link building and other techniques used to be popular, today it is the content on your website that is primarily responsible for its rank on search engines.
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Web design for beginners

Date Published: 15th January 2010

Author: Emma Fovargue

Define your audience and their needs

Defining the purpose and objectives of your website should be your first step. Focus on what you want your website to achieve. Create a profile of your intended audience and try to understand their needs and tastes, and design the site with them at the forefront of your mind at all times.

Take a look at competitor websites to gain an idea of what works and what doesn’t.
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How To Profit Through Copywriting

Date Published: 14th January 2010
Author: Calvin Tan

If you want people to buy, you have to ask for the sale. Really, it is that simple. Yet it is impossible to tell you how many ads, web sites, brochures, sales letters, etc, are floating around out there that is not asking.

So, what is a call to action? It is telling people what action you wish them to take. Typical calls to action include:

Hurry in today.

Buy now.

Call now.

Visit now.

Click here now.

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Futuristic Web Design: What Does The Future Hold

08.08.2009 | Author: Anne Torres | Posted in Web Design

by Anne Torres

It’s taken a decade of baby steps, but the Web is finally starting to grow up. We’ve banished the bleak days of brochureware back when companies thought that scanning their yearly reports page by page into half megabyte GIFs was the way to build an online presence.

We’ve woken up from the nightmare of building sites from nested tables that wouldn’t make the IKEA reject bin, thanks to browsers that (mostly) handle style sheets without leaving coders compromised.

And, thankfully, most people have got over their infatuation with Flash for its own sake, realising that two minutes of whirling geometrics is the closest thing to turning your entire front page into a Back button.

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