Crime Stoppers

The Client: Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan

Project Description: When Crime Stoppers first contacted me, they had nothing more than a domain name. Their primary focus was a website where people could view pictures of wanted criminals and a place to list unsolved crimes. In addition, they wanted a website where people could make donations to the organization via the internet.

How we helped:

  • Website Design / Logo Re-creation / Icon Creation
  • Created and Installed Paypal account

Church Wyble

The Client: Church Wyble PC

Project Description: We redesigned a brand new website for the Law Offices of Church Wyble that allows potential clients to easily contact them from any page and find more information that could help them with their case. Church Wyble wanted to allow any visitor to their website to find information easily, without having to search endlessly for it. By focusing on the four main areas of their practice on the homepage, we were able to do just that.

How we helped:

  • Website Redesign
  • Unique Banners for individual pages
  • Content Updating and Management
  • Contact Form
  • Separate Blog
  • SEO Management

Pretty Sweet Pretzels

The Client: Pretty Sweet Pretzels

Project Description: Jill was looking for an affordable way to sell her gourmet pretzels and apples online. My goal was to create a website that was clean and warm feeling while clearly highlighting the products with larger images in the header and throughout other pages. Using Paypal, I integrated an affordable and easy to use shopping cart system.

How we helped:

  • Website Design
  • Paypal Integration

Jill’s comments about working with me:

I was referred to Bill Kozdron of LuckyFish Media to assist in developing my website for Pretty Sweet Pretzels. I couldn’t be more pleased with Bill’s talent and professionalism.

Bill had the uncanny ability to fully grasp what I had been looking for and stylized my website with the alluring and savory appeal necessary to marketing gourmet confections.

He offered me fresh and creative ideas and was so willing to work with me to design a website that fit both my retail requirements and budget.

Bill’s expertise with web development has enabled me to grow my business. With the tremendous success of my website, I have continued to use Bill and LuckyFish Media to host, update and maintain my website.

Jill Mittleman, Owner – Pretty Sweet Pretzels

    Tom Fredericks Law

    The Client: Tom Fredericks Law

    Project Description: Tom was looking for a great website that would fit his business as well as his personality.  He wanted to have an area about his classic car restoration projects as well as a blog where he could write about the latest happenings in his areas of legal expertise.  I suggested using WordPress as a platform for his website because of the flexibility of the platform as well as the affordability that goes along with it.

    How we helped:

    • WordPress Template Installation and Modification
    • WordPress Plug-in Implementation


    The Client: Dignicare

    Project Description: Dignicare was looking to create an inviting website for people needing information to assist them with the care of elderly family members or friends. They wanted a clean website that was easy to navigate, allowing people to find information easily and get the help they require.

    How we helped:

    • Website Design
    • Logo Design

    J.D. Small Photography

    The Client: J.D. Small Photography

    Project Description: J.D.’s goal was to redesign his outdated website and make it more modern. He wanted to highlight his work in the center of the homepage while keeping some elements from his previous website, like his logo and homepage photo.

    How we helped:

    • Website Redesign
    • Slideshow Program Implementation

    Duby Law Firm

    The Client: Duby Law, Duby and Associates, PLC

    Project Description: Mr. Duby wanted a website that was clean and easy to navigate, allowing visitors to learn more about him and how he could help them in the areas of intellectual property law, trademark law, copyrights, etc.

    How we helped:

    • Website Design
    • Logo Design