3 Content Ideas for your Facebook Business Page

If your business isn’t yet on Facebook, it probably should be. It’s no secret that Facebook is the most used social media by Americans and many others around the world. As far as mobile use goes, Facebook far outranked all other US mobile apps in a recent comScore study.

The bottom line is this: Facebook is a tool your business can use to leverage new leads and customers.

Once you’ve setup your Facebook business page, what exactly should you post about? Here are three content ideas to help you connect with your followers.

1. Interactive Media Posts

Use rich media and interactive posts to stimulate “Likes”, “Shares” and comments on your Facebook posts. Rich media refers to videos, photos, music, and graphics that are compelling and often involve an interactive component.

Never post a photo, graphic, or video alone. Always be sure to include an interactive text component such as a question, poll, or call to action. For example, a photo or video of your latest product may be posted with the text, “What would you do with this great new product?” or “What should we name this model of product?” When you receive comments, click “Like” or reply with a polite comment of your own.

2. Share a Customer Story

Depending on the nature of your business, there are different methods to sharing a customer story on Facebook.

If you’re primarily a B2B company, your business page may “Like” the business page of one of your customers. When they post a positive story on their page, click the “Share” button to post it on your own business page. This boosts your customer’s confidence in your genuine interest in their business and likely encourages repeat purchases.

If your business is retail, then you may host a giveaway to inspire your followers to submit stories of how they use and enjoy your product or service. When they enter the giveaway, be sure to include a legal waiver giving you the right to publish their story on your Facebook page if they win.

3. Use the 70/20/10 Rule

The 70/20/10 rule is a guiding principle to help inform your posting options. Seventy percent of posts should be valuable information for your customers (not self-promotion), twenty percent should be posts you “Share” from carefully selected sources, and the remaining ten percent should be self-promotion pieces about your products and services. This principle provides customer oriented content making you appear to be an expert in the field and not just self-interested.

Have you tried any of these Facebook business page content ideas? Which have you found works best?

If you need help marketing your Facebook business page, get in touch with me for a custom tailored social media plan to help you reach your goals.

5 Facebook Marketing tips for small businesses

As of March 2013 Facebook had 1.11 billion users. No matter how you slice it that’s a whole lot of people who use Facebook. Honestly, It’s a number that’s hard to wrap your brain around. With a platform like Facebook having that many users it only makes sense to market your business there. There are so many articles about how to market on Facebook but below are 5 tips that will help you get started bringing fans to your Facebook page.

Facebook is a wonderful tool to market your business. Even though Facebook is free it takes time, effort and maybe a little money to build a successful fan page on Facebook.

Just like cleaning the dishes at your house, posting content on Facebook is something you need to do every day.

Engagement from your fans is your #1 priority. The key to getting people to visit your Facebook page is to always have new content. From my experience, your daily posts don’t have to be the end all and be all of Facebook posts; they just have to engage the reader. Remember, people are looking for a reason to visit your page. If you don’t have fresh content they will forget about you and move on.

Ask questions from your Audience

This point goes back to reader engagement. Your goal is to open up “two-way” communication. For example, if you are a pizza place you could ask “what’s your favorite pizza topping” or if you are video game store you would ask “what’s your favorite video game”. Getting people to interact with you breaks down the “internet wall”. The internet is not a very personable place, so if a fan feels like they know you better or can connect with your life, they will feel comfortable at your page and will come back to see what’s going on. In addition, never get too personal with your audience. Try to stay in the middle of everything.

Use that smartphone and upload some pictures

People love photos. The attention span of an average Facebook user (I’m including myself here) is very small. The average user scrolls down their Facebook page at a furious pace. Looking for something to jump out and grab them. Pictures are great because people know they can quickly take a peek and then back to scrolling. This sections reminds me of a quote I once heard..”Facebook is like a fridge. When you’re bored you keep opening and closing it every few minutes to see if there’s anything good in it.”

The winner is…..Contest and Giveaways

People love to win contests. By offering free stuff and prizes it rewards your loyal fans and gets them to post on your page. For example, I’m an avid golfer and a local course I frequent has contests all the time relating to the latest golf tournament going on. Not only do I enjoy watching more because I could win, but I keep going to their website/Facebook page to see where I rank.

Build your Marketing Brand and be Consistent

If you have a store or a website you need to have a place where people can see your Facebook link and your activity. I’ve seen it business cards..”like us on Facebook”. I’ve seen it in commercials “like us on Facebook”. I’ve seen it on political websites. There is no denying Facebook is here to stay. You need to make sure Facebook is part of both your offline and online marketing campaigns.

Facebook Promoted Posts – What are they and how do they work?

You may have noticed that you can now promote a post in Facebook. The first time you saw this feature like I did you probably said to yourself, “What is this and why should I do it?”. Well, Facebook Promoted Posts …” are a simple way to reach more of the people who like your Page and their friends. “

Basically, another way to advertise your pages’s information using the power of Facebook. On the surface this seems like a good way to promote really important content to your site without having to pay advertising fees for the whole month. Like a appetizer to full blown Facebook advertising.

[highlight2] You’re interested in promoting a post.


You can promote a Page post from the sharing tool by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the sharing tool to create a post.
  2. Enter in your post details.
  3. Click on the Promote drop-down button and set your desired budget. Note: the budget you set is a lifetime budget and not a daily budget.
  4. Click Save.

Once you’ve visited the sharing tool, you can promote recent posts on your Page:

  1. Go to any post you’ve created in the past 3 days on your Page timeline.
  2. At the bottom the post, just below where people can add a comment, you’ll see the Promote button. Click on it.
  3. From the drop-down, set your budget based on how many people you want to reach.
  4. Click Save.


What does the “Promote” button next to my Page posts do?

If you’re a Page admin, you can promote recent posts directly from your Page timeline by going to the bottom of any post that’s been created within the past 3 days, and clicking on the “Promote” button.

When you promote a post, it will be shown in the news feeds of more of the people who like your Page than you would reach normally. Friends of the people who have interacted with your post will also be more likely to see the story in their news feeds for up to 3 days from when the post was first created.

Where do my promoted posts show on Facebook? What do they look like?

All promoted posts will show in the news feeds of the people who like your Page and, when they interact with the post, to their friends. These posts will be labeled as “Sponsored” in the news feed. Promoted posts will not be shown in the right-hand column of Facebook.

Example of a promoted post showing to people who like your Page:

How am I billed?

Note that the budget you set for your promoted post is a lifetime budget that will run over the entire duration of your promoted post. Just like with ads, you may be billed daily to the primary funding source you’ve designated in your Ads Manager, and only for the amount that is used to run your campaign. You can view your primary funding source as well as access invoices from the gear drop-down in the “Promote” button, or from your Ads Manager.

From the Promote button:

  1. Go to the sharing tool at the top of your Page’s timeline or to the bottom of a post that’s been set up in the past 3 days.
  2. Click on the “Promote” button drop-down.
  3. Click on the gear drop-down.
  4. Click on “Change payment method”.
  5. Here, you can see all payment methods listed on your ads account, and make any changes to your primary funding source. Learn more about your billing here.
  6. To see a list of your charges organized by month, click on the “Billing” tab in the left-hand side of the navigation.

From your Ads Manager:

  1. Visit your Ads Manager
  2. Click on the “Billing” tab in the left-hand side of the navigation.
  3. This will take you to a list of all charges organized by month. To see a more detailed breakdown of each charge, click on the description next to the charge you’d like more information about. Note: If you haven’t been charged yet, you won’t see any information on your Billing Summary page.
  4. To see your primary funding source, click on the “Funding Source” tab below the “Billing” tab in the left-hand side of the navigation. To change your primary card, learn more here.


If you would like to learn more about promoting a post on Facebook follow this link.