Google PPC Advertising


  • I start out carefully choosing a list of “keywords” that I feel should be used to trigger your ad based on relevance and pricing
  • I write engaging text or display ads that are optimized to lower your cost per click and run these ads on major search engines
  • I create a unique landing page for the ad campaign to increase your conversions
  • When a potential client/customer searches for similar keywords they are see your ad on the 1st page and click through to the landing page
  • Once on your website, you can track data/analytics to increase conversions and improve the ads and landing pages over time
  • Continually monitor and analyze keywords, ads, negative keywords, landing page, and bid adjustments to improve return on investment


Set up Fee: $500 (Includes research & competitive research, creation of ads, setting up account, etc.)

3 Ads targeted at the best 5-15 keywords (Example Setup: 5 Ads for Criminal Defense, 5 for Family Law, 5 for Personal Injury)

The creation of a Google Adwords account for the client

The creation of 3 landing pages, one for each ad set.