Today’s Marketing Cookbook

The Winning Recipe of Ingredients for
Marketing Your Business
(copyright 2013)

Successfully marketing any size business is like creating a winning recipe. You need to know what ingredients to use and how.

This book explains 17 essential ingredients needed to market a business today and how to combine them to create your unique winning recipe.

Co-authors Tom Liebrecht and Bill Kozdron use their everyday, real-world experience to provide guidance on Ingredients that work for marketing small and medium-size businesses:


Ingredient 1: An Efficient, Effective and Economical Website

Ingredient 2: Know Your Keywords and the Basics of SEO

Ingredient 3: Update your website monthly

Ingredient 4: In-Bound Links, Out-Bound Links

Ingredient 5: Local Business Accounts on Google, BING, Yahoo

Ingredient 6: Internet Business Listings (Citations)

Ingredient 7: Blog

Ingredient 8: Press Releases (on-line and off)

Ingredient 9: Pay Per Click Campaigns

Ingredient 10: Email Marketing

Ingredient 11: Social Media Marketing

Ingredient 12: Videos and YouTube

Ingredient 13: Go Mobile

Ingredient 14: Cost Effective Direct Mail

Ingredient 15: Print Advertising & Classified Ads

Ingredient 16: Events

Ingredient 17: Analytical Tools (Google Analytics, Webmaster and More)