The Client: The Bennett Law Firm

Project Description: The Bennett Law Firm is a Criminal Defense Law Firm Serving Southeast Michigan including Southfield, Warren, Troy, Novi, and Bloomfield Hills.

Sam Bennett and I met in February of 2019. At that time Sam had been out on his own for just about one year, but felt that his firm hadn’t been growing the way he wanted.

After reviewing his current website we found some flaws that needed to be addresssed immediately. Unfortunatley, his current website didn’t protray him as the criminal defense expert he is. It lacked the design quality you would expect from a professional law firm.

In addition, it lacked certain important design elements, plus no SEO which led to poor Google rankings and no traffic.

    • Custom WordPress Website Design
    • Internet Marketing Consultations
    • Graphic Design
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Better data tracking implementation
    • SEO Marketing and Planning
    • Technical SEO
    • Google Business Page Set up and Customization

First 6 Months of Data

After the first 6 months since we redesigned the website and implemented better SEO the site and The Bennett Law Firm are doing very well. The firm has seen an increase in website traffic, better Google rankings and more calls coming into the firm.

SEO Rankings

Google Overall Ranking Change: +864

Google Ad Clicks

  • 1,124 Clicks
  • 27,000 Impressions
  • Avg. CPC $5.36

Keyword Example:

“Criminal Defense Attorney” (Avg. CPC = $4.95 with a Avg. CTR of 11.45%)

Facebook Ad Clicks

373 Unique Clicks (.82) per lead


The first 6 months after launching the new website we have increased the firm’s brand precense on Google and on Facebook. Criminal Defense is one of the most difficult practice areas to advertise on Google for and it’s very easy to over spend. This was my main goal with the firm, I wanted to bring in leads but they had a very limited budget so we had to make sure the ads were brining in good leads.

“Without the help of Bill, I can safely say that my firm wouldn’t be where it is today. I’m thrilled that my phones are starting to ring with possible new cases and my rankings are up across Google. One area Bill helped with immensely was with my Google Ads account. It’s so easy to spend money on Google Ads and not get the return you hope for, but Bill has helped me create Ad campaigns that are generating good traffic to my website without blowing a hole in my budget. I look forward to working with Bill and continuing to grow my firm. I can’t recommend him and his services enough.”

Sam Bennett, The Bennett Law Firm, PLC