Anyone can talk a big game when it comes to digital marketing, but results speak for themselves.

Here are some of our recent results performing website design and SEO for law firms and other small businesses.

When I work with a law firm or small business my goal is to create realistic digital marketing goals that we can track and analyze. Some goals you may have are; more calls, more website traffic, higher Google rankings, better brand awareness.

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Digital Marketing Results

Grewal Law

Client Summary

Grewal Law came to me in the middle of 2016. Our first meeting they  said, “I’ve been working with agency X for more than a year now and we aren’t showing up in search engines for any of our practice areas and my phones aren’t ringing!”

After reviewing their website it was obvious to me why they weren’t getting results. The website was poorly designed, the SEO was bad, and they had barely any content on the website.

I asked the client, “How aggressive do you want to be in the area?”, and he said “very!”

The plan was to create a new website, add quality content for specific practice areas, add new videos, re-work all the SEO and do some Google and Facebook advertising.

Below are some of the results from working with Grewal Law

Google Analytics – Website Traffic 6 months since I redesigned the website and started working on the SEO (30 days)  vs. the First Month I took over. (Website Traffic Dec 2017 vs. Jul 2016)

Organic Traffic – up 123%

Direct Traffic – up 19%

Traffic Acquisition – 30 days vs. July 2016 (PDF)

Google Ads Example: Late 2017

Criminal Defense  – 373 Clicks –  16,573 Impressions – – Avg. CPC – $5.63  – Avg. Pos.2.70 (50 Calls)

SEO Keywords

Best Google Keyword Ranking in July 2016 – 24th

6 months after a new website –

  • Site Ranking for over 144 new ranking keyword terms
  • 270 keywords improved,
  • 7 keywords on Page #1 of Google

Google Search Impressions (1st month – 20,000 more impressions)

Google Impressions (Oct 2017 – August 2018 | Impressions Oct. 2017 – 1,313 vs. August 2018 – 5,465)

Basiga Law

Client Summary

Basiga Law came to me in the middle of 2015.

At that time the firm had a WordPress blog but was ready to take the firm to the next level and create a brand new website for their firm.

They wanted to create a professional website and have the firm rank well in Google for US/ Canada Border law and the practice areas surrounding it. At that time they didn’t rank anywhere on any search engine for these terms.

Over the past few years, we focused on creating high-quality content aimed at specific practice areas to help increase their SEO rankings.

Below are some of the results from working with Basiga Law

Google Analytics – 2018 vs. 2017 Website Traffic

SEO Keywords

When we started in late 2015 they didn’t rank for any keyword terms related to US/ Canada Border Law. Rankings aren’t everything but they play a huge part in bringing traffic to any website.

Google Search Impressions (3-month comparison after redesigning the website)