Premium WordPress Websites | Starting at $4000

A Premium WordPress Theme is the perfect solution for any business looking to get a presence online without breaking the bank. In this package, we will gather your logo, images, and your business colors and weave them into a beautiful WordPress theme that will be both unique and versatile.

Getting a Premium WordPress Theme would include:

  • Installing WordPress development environment
  • Standard WordPress configuration (site settings)
  • Plugin Installation and Configuration
  • Installation of premium WordPress theme
  • Set up of the WordPress theme to match the look of your business and branding (ie, adding your logo, contact information, slider pictures, change out colors, setup the widgets, etc.)
  • Initial setup of all menus and pages
  • Testing and Quality Control


Hold On, I already have a WordPress website for your business, but it’s becoming outdated? Can I change things up?

We can help with that too. We will take the elements from your current website and place them into a WordPress theme that looks great and keeps customers coming back.

The positives of using a WordPress to Design your Website

  • The Design of the site moves much quicker. Your site can be installed and configured within a very short time frame because much of the heavy lifting regarding coding and design has been done.
  • Code – Some templates have clean code, meaning the HTML and CSS are compliant and up-to-date. It depends on the theme you choose though. Stay away from free themes.
  • Budget friendly – Oftentimes, you can have a theme installed for free if you know what you are doing and are confident enough to understand some of the basic requirements. Or, you can hire a professional to install and configure the website (add your logo, change out colors, setup the widgets, etc.).
  • Great Looking Designs – There are some really nice themes out there now that offer a variety of customization options.
  • Shortcodes – Premium themes come with “shortcodes” which are little bits of code you can add to your page without knowing any HTML or CSS


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