How long does it usually take to build a website?

The entire process usually takes anywhere from 3-8 weeks, but can actually take less if you are well-prepared. Having your logo designed, knowing the pages you want, and your content started will help greatly, in the time it takes to complete your website.

What will a Premium WordPress website cost?

My WordPress websites usually start at $4000 and can go up from there depending on your needs (videos, shopping carts, contact forms, etc.). In addition, it depends on whether you want to purchase a Premium WordPress Theme or have a custom WordPress Website created for you. We will be able to give you a fixed price, once we have a conversation about your what exactly your website will need.

Learn more about the price of my website design.

I’m only interested in a website, but how will I attract visitors?

I would recommend our “Boost Your Business” Website and Marketing System. It combines the cost of a website, along with the benefits of marketing, so you can start creating a website with a high traffic volume.

What is your design process?

Please view this page about the design process for a brief summary.

Do you have images we can use?

Yes, we can purchase the rights to stock photos from a number of sources to help your website stand out and look appealing. Depending on the images you are looking for the price can change. An image can cost anywhere from $1 to $60.

Will I have a say in the design itself?

Yes! The more interaction between myself and the client, the better. I will use my experience to help guide you towards the best website solution possible.

Do you provide hosting?

We usually provide hosting through WordPress hosting specialist, Site5 and SiteGround. There are different hosting options depending on your websites traffic and how much control you need. I only use VPS for hosting my websites, as it’s much more reliable than shared hosting.

Can I use my own web hosting?

Yes you can use your own web hosting. We usually prefer that you host with us for maintenance and support reasons, but you can host your website where you choose. If you are hosting with another company, but would still like our help managing your wordpress website please let us know.

Does LuckyFish Media own the site when it’s done?

No. We turn over the copyright and all rights to images to you, once you’ve made your final payment. You can take the site and host it wherever you please.

Can I update my own site?

If you wish to be able to edit your site from the web using no software, we can set it up to allow you to do just that using WordPress . You can learn more about WordPress and how it allows you to manage your own website here.

Does LuckyFish Media offer WordPress Website Maintenance Packages?

Learning WordPress while managing your own business can be difficult. This is why we offer WordPress maintenance packages so we can can help you maintain and update your new WordPress website. This way you can concentrate on your business 🙂

Learn more about our wordpress maintenance packages.