Learn WordPress with 14 Easy Step by Step Training Videos

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“WordPress Superstar” is a series of 14 videos that walk you through setting up your first WordPress website all the way to learning how to increase your traffic from SEO.

With the WordPress Superstar video training, series you can learn how to set up and create your own WordPress website in as little as 2 hours!

14 videos that you can watch in small chunks of time or all at once – whatever fits your schedule.

Let’s take a look at the full set of  WordPress tutorial videos that you’ll be receiving:

  • Video 1: How to Install WordPress Quickly and Easily
  • Video 2: How to Install WordPress Manually
  • Video 3: How to Clean up your WordPress installation so it runs the best.
  • Video 4: Adding Security to your WordPress installation
  • Video 5: WordPress Dashboard Tour
  • Video 6: Pages vs. Posts
  • Video 7: How to Create a Page in WordPress
  • Video 8: How To Create a Post in WordPress
  • Video 9: WordPress Plugins
  • Video 10: Learn about WordPress Themes
  • Video 11: How to Use Widgets in WordPress
  • Video 12: Using Menus in WordPress
  • Video 13: WordPress and Basic SEO – Setting up for Success
  • Video 14: How to Protect your WordPress website from a Brute Force attack

Plus, as an added bonus I’m giving you 4 extra training videos!

Bonus WordPress Training Videos

  • How to Place a Banner in the Sidebar of your Website
  • How to add Google Analytics
  • How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles
  • How to Place a Google AdSense Ad in your Blog Post

Video Sample: WordPress Dashboard Tour


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