In Person and Video WordPress Training

Get Training in WordPress in your own time and on what you need to learn.

Learn WordPressSince WordPress powers so many of the word’s top websites there is an abundant amount of training materials available to someone looking to learn WordPress. For example, there’s books, podcasts, blogs, and videos. This is a blessing and a curse because if you are new to WordPress it can be overwhelming and confusing on where to start.

Some questions you may be asking yourself are; What should I learn first? What’s the most important tricks and shortcuts I need to know? What do I do if I start getting error gibberish on my WordPress site?

This is where I come in. I can offer one-on-one WordPress training that can be done via recorded videos, on-site, or via live web meeting.

WordPress training can be a great resource, but if you are like everyone else your time is precious and you might not have time to get the training you need or have the time to use the training to maintain your own website.

If this is you perhaps one of my WordPress maintenance packages might be a better fit.

Although, if you love a little bit of a challenge and you are a self taught leaner my WordPress Superstar Video Training series might be for you.

WordPress Training Options

  • How to Install WordPress Quickly and Easily
  • Adding Security to your WordPress installation
  • WordPress Dashboard Tour
  • Pages vs. Posts
  • How to Create a Page in WordPress
  • How To Create a Post in WordPress
  • How to Edit Pages and Posts
  • How to schedule a post
  • WordPress Plugins – How to install and delete safely
  • How to Use Widgets in WordPress
  • Using Menus in WordPress
  • WordPress and Basic SEO – Setting up for Success
  • Custom Videos on your own website
  • Custom Training List

My WordPress training rate is $100 per hour. All training is schedule for a minimum of one hour and is measured in 15 minute increments after the first hour. The first hour is prepaid via PayPal and any additional time is billed after the session is complete.